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Frankview Technologies opened its doors for business on September 1, 2010. In the past years, Frankview Technologies has arguably been one of the fastest growing market Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firms in Zimbabwe, and has set its sights on delivering strategic business and technology solutions to its clients through uncompromising professionalism, commitment and integrity.

It have positioned itselves as a young, dynamic and innovative organisation, which is committed to world-class practices in the delivery of quality, actionable marketing research and ICT solutions to its clients. Frankview Technologies is fast gaining a reputation of a company whose operations are based on leading information technologies and innovations in that field.

Frankview Technologies is completely independent in its operation and strives to maximise the benefits of commissioned ICT for its clients. Hence, it  believes that senior management buy-in and support for the project must be secured before the project is launched. This will go a long way towards ensuring a favourable environment for the expeditious implementation of the projects results. Moreover, it encourages client participation at every step of the project process to generate the most customised methodologies and the best, most transparent, results.