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Why FrankView

Among the advantages of working with FrankView Technologies are its:

  • Personal and Professional Integrity: The company is held in very high regard by its clients and competitors. This is so because of its service quality, and the personal and professional integrity records of its directors and managers.
  • Team Frame of Mind: Systems development teams to be a part of the client's broader team, tasked with implementing a specified confidential project. Members are all team players.
  • Multidisciplinary Team of Qualified Experts: Senior Managers hold postgraduate degrees in fields such as finance, marketing and management and first degrees in Finance, Management, Computer Science, Statistics and Marketing.  They also have qualifications in Project Management. The Systems development team members hold degrees and Diplomas in Information and Communication Technology.
  • Customised Systems: Frankview Technologies develops and customises systems to the requirements of the user.  Frankview Technologies is a systems development company with own source codes and this allows for faster reaction to system changes and enhancements.  The systems developed are highly parameterised and open and as such can interface with any other system.
  • Global Best Practice: Frankview Technologies benchmarks its standards against those set by leading market research and ICT companies around the world. We believe that we have demonstrated an ability to be among the more sophisticated research and system development suppliers in Zimbabwe.
  • Complex Projects Experience: When Frankview Technologies was established, its directors already had extensive finance, marketing research and Information and Communication Technology expertise. Since its inception, Frankview Technologies experience in complex projects has continued to grow.
  • Output! Decision! Action! Orientation: We acknowledge value-add only when the client attains the desirable outcome of the project.
  • Unbeatable Empowerment Record: As mentioned previously, Frankview Technologies is owned by its operative directors. It is one of the few top market research companies that has genuinely taken empowerment to the limit by empowering the Firm at all levels.