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Our Products are directly tied with our commitment to listen to our clients and their evolving business needs. Incrementally, our offerings all center on our area of expertise which is enterprise content management (ECM) and collaboration. Each of our products are child of a specific industry needs and in each case are not meant to be a static as such a final but built with a strategy that facilitates evolving them in conjunction with our the changing state of our clients business needs.

We provide end to end solutions with a strong emphasis on the quality and speed of service delivery.



Custody-Edge is a state of the art integrated custodial Services management solution that manages money market and stock market securities. Managing the entire process from purchase, sale, certificate splitting and maturity. It is ideal for banks, law firms, warehouse firms and any firm offering custodial services.
bank-edge system


Is a Treasury, Unit Trust and Asset Mananagement solution ideal for banks covering these features: Purchase management, Sale/Maturity Management, Risk management, Trading Limits per client,sector, asset type etc, Strict controls, Accounting, Reprting
Reflex system


Is a school, college, university, examination board management suite covering the features listed below:
  • Registration management
  • Library management
  • Workplace accident management
  • Class Management
  • Exam Management
  • Script Management
  • Results Management
  • Accounting
  • Reporting
Tarisol system


Is a comprehensive patient management solution ideal for surgeries, clinics and hospitals covering these features:
  • Patient management
  • Workplace accident management
  • Medical Aid Management
  • Pharmacy & prescription Management
  • Accounting
  • Reporting


Loans-Edge is an integrated solution that manages the entire loan processing life cycle from capturing of loan applicant details, vetting, approval / decline, disbursements, statement printing, interest calculations and accounting functions. It supports different types of loans such as listed to the right

  • Private Loans
  • Corporate Package Loans
  • Working Capital
  • Debt Factoring
  • Order Finance
  • Bridging Finance
  • Fly Now Pay Later arrangements
  • Short Term Loans
  • Medium Term Loans
  • Structured Finance
  • Premium Finance
  • Lease Hire Finance
  • Hire Purchase Finance
  • Bill Discounting
  • Line of Credit Arrangements